Rental Catalog

Carpet Dryer
For a high-power air mover, look for the Dri-Eaz Sahara Pro-HP. Its 1.0-hp motor provides up…


Dehumidifier, 15 Gallon/ Day
Removes up to 15 gallons a day Super convenient size Hot-gas bypass for fast defrost Rugged rotomolded…


Dehumidifier, 8 Gallon/ Day
LGR technology boosts effective operating range Compact size – only 92 pounds Draws only 5 amps – but removes 70…


Fan, 30” Pedestal
30" Industrial Grade Pedestal Fan Ideal for plants, warehouses large offices, churches and any other industrial space…


Fan, 42” Rollabout
A fan of this size is a great way to get the air moving in …


Ventilation Blower Fan w/ 20’ Duct Hose
Designed with flexibility in mind, every feature of the EP12ACP Ventilation Blower is designed to…


Duct Hose, 8” or 12”
Duct hose helps to direct the air flow from your heater or blower either into…