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Tractor 3-Point Hitch Overseeder- Attachment Only

Min Rate Min Hours Day Rate
$125.00 4 $175.00
Tractor 3-Point Hitch Overseeder- Attachment Only


The APS15 Series All Purpose Seeders are excellent combination planting and cultivation tools for golf courses, school systems, municipalities, rental yards, construction companies, sports fields, and college campuses. Their narrower widths make them effective in seeding applications on residential lots, grassy medians, or rights-of-way adjacent to sidewalks, community parks, sporting facilities, and golf courses. Unlike wider seeder models, these units will do a more effective job of planting in areas where undulations, moguls, and depressions are prevalent.

The seeder that does it all. The APS15 is at home in freshly prepared soil or overseeding existing turf. The front spike rollers break up the soil crust or penetrate the thatch to disturb the right amount of soil. The seed is dropped, protected from the wind by a shield, allowing it to drop to the ground where it is gently pressed into the soil by the notched or spiked rear roller. The initial seed-to-soil contact is essential to achieving a high germination rate. The All-Purpose Seeder is ground driven with no driveline and related drivetrain components to maintain. By adjusting the front two rollers, you can control how aggressive you want to be in the area you are seeding or overseeding.

The many uses for the APS:

  • Bare dirt seeding
  • Turf overseeding
  • Wildlife Conservation Seeding



Height 43 in
Length 49.75 in

85 3/8 in Overall

73 in Working

Weight 1046 lbs (empty)
3 pt Hitch category I & II
Seedbox apacity 6 bushels
Number of Seed Cups 10


Attachments & Accessories

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